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AgTech Recycling


AgTech C.E.O.

Scott Ferrell

Scott Ferrell, CEO and Founder of AgTech Recycling

Scott is a native of Valdosta, GA.  He graduated from Lowndes High School, and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Valdosta State University.

Scott, along with his wife Toni, left the Valdosta area in 1990 and began a 30+ year tenure in the corporate world working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  That journey took him across the country with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Alcon Laboratories and Hoya Vision Care.  During those years, Scott's professional responsibilities continued to expand and included sales, marketing and sales management.  In his most recent corporate position, he served as the Vice President of Commercial Operations for the optical retail division of Hoya Vision Care.

In addition to his roles as a FeatherRidge owner/partner, Scott assumed responsibility as the President and General Manager of AgTech Recycling, LLC.  Located in Quitman, GA, AgTech is a plastic processing facility that recycles scrap plastic used by farms, to post-industrial plastics produced by factories, are reprocessed back into a recycled resin that can be used to produce new plastic products.


In Scott's words:  "AgTech has really been a labor of love for me.  Having an opportunity to build a business that fills a unique need, and benefits the environment is a chance anyone would jump at.  I'm thankful to have an excellent team around me to guide our startup and expansion.  We've been blessed to have the resources needed to build the company the right way, and not take short cuts.  That only strengthens our ability to do excellent work for our customers, and that commitment will never waiver."

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