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AgTech Solutions

We provide end-to-end recycling solutions

Do you have  plastic to discard?

Do you have scrap plastic to reprocess?

Do you buy recycled resin?

Agricultural Waste Collection

AgTech works with local waste disposal vendors to pick up scrap agricultural plastic for delivery to our recycling facility. Once received, it is cleaned and reprocessed into a recycled resin suitable for reuse by plastic manufacturers.

*Availability of 3rd party collection services may be limited due to geography and transportation distance 

Toll Recycling

Does your company's manufacturing process produce scrap plastic that's typically discarded?  If so, AgTech's full-service recycling facility can grind, clean and reprocess that scrap plastic into reusable resin pellets or regrind.  Our custom built, triple-wash procedure provides an excellent solution to ensure that your recycled resin is clean and conatminate free.

Resin Sales

AgTech Recycling offers a range of high quality, recycled resins for sale at competitive prices.  Our main categories include, but are not limited to:  HDPE and LDPE.  Inquire today regarding current materials in inventory.

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