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    catered to your needs:

  • Wash - Removal of unwanted contaminates from plastic materials prior to additional processing.

  • Grinding - Diverse grinding capability to meet any scrap reprocessing need.

  • Extruding/Pelletizing - Two extruding lines producing recycled resin pellets for reuse by plastic manufacturers.


AgTech's custom built, triple Wash System is designed to remove dirt, debris and other contaminates.  Two horizontal washing tables (containing 2,400 gallons of water each) provide agitation to thoroughly wash and rinse any plastic material.  The plastic is then deposited into a wash drum prior to entering a drying system.  This process produces clean regrinds for customer use, or for further extrusion and pelletizing processing. 


Five industrial grinders of different sizes and horsepower running daily can meet any scrap regrinding request.  Grinder screens can be adjusted to produce scrap outputs of various sizes and consistencies.  AgTech's grinding capabilities can accommodate scrap from the size of a pill bottle up to larger, industrial size drums.


Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process that consists of melting raw plastic and filtering the materials for uniform consistency.  The plastic is melted as it is pushed down a heated extruder barrel, then through a die where it emerges as an extrudate.  Plastic pelletizing entails converting the scrap plastic back into a clean, uniform resin pellet.  As the plastic exits the extruder, it is cooled with water and cut into small, consistently shaped pieces.  The pieces (or "pellets") are further cooled, collected and packaged for shipment.  Plastic manufacturing companies can then re-use these plastic pellets in a wide variety of applications, creating a closed-loop recycling process. 

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